How to Apply for General Medical Cards

September 20, 2016 - LHMC

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The quickest way to apply for a medical card is online, on is a HSE website dedicated to providing you with online services to help you with your medical card.


On you can:


1) Submit an online application, which is a faster route to your medical card than the manual paper forms. If your application is successful you will have your medical card within 15 days.

2) Check the current progress of your medical card application if this has been submitted to the central processing office.

3) Check the current status of your medical card.

4) Submit a query to the central processing office.


Make sure you have all the information you need to hand such as you PPS number and those of your dependents, a recent payslip, details of your income and outgoings on tax, PRSI, rent and mortgage etc. Apply for Cards for People aged 70 or over.

Details of how to apply for a Medical Card or GP Visit Card if you are aged 70 or over are on this page, along with the special Application Form.


Click here to download a medical card application form.