Travel Health and Vaccines at Langford Hall Medical Centre

At Langford Hall, Dr Sinead Cotter and Dr Sinead Finnegan have over 40 years combined experience looking after your travel vaccine needs. Book an appointment today to discuss your travel plans and get the shots or vaccines you need.

Have you got a world trip planned? Or are you travelling to an exotic destination? Whether it’s work travel, or leisure travel, your up to date vaccine’s are very important. Some countries even require proof of relevant vaccines.

Typical vaccinations that you might need for travel cover Hepatitis A Vaccine, Typhoid Vaccine, Yellow Fever Vaccine, amongst others.
You also need to consider how you will protect yourself against Malaria.

At Langford Hall Medical Centre, we ensure that you are prepared for whatever your journey, based on the requirements and recommendations for that country.

Some vaccination courses begin 4 weeks out, other 8 weeks out.

Book your appointment with Dr Sinead Cotter or Dr Rachel Finnegan today, by calling 021 431 9971

Some tropical diseases present weeks or months after you have have been exposed. We offer a post-exposure service for our patients which is created to detect tropical diseases. If you have been sick or unwell since your journey, please book an appointment with Dr Sinead Cotter or Dr Rachel Finnegan today, by calling 021 431 9971.